Hydrating Humanity works to help make the world a place where all people have access to clean drinking water and sanitation; a world where people are not dying from water-borne diseases, but living abundantly, lives full of hope.


Hydrating Humanity’s core mission is to see the poorest areas of the world realize REAL and lasting transformation at every level: economically, socially, spiritually and in physical health. We believe the most impactful spearhead into these communities is clean, safe water projects and hygiene education. Our mission is to eradicate the water-borne disease crisis, save lives, love people, build relationships and reveal Christ. It is easy to share the love of Christ with a culture who has just received such an awesome gift.



We have a rigorous maintenance program in place to guarantee every pump we install remains in working order.

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Clean water alone is only 15% effective at eliminating waterborne disease. When we add Hygiene Training that statistic rockets to 75%. 

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We provide our well sponsors with GPS coordinates and photos of their water project as soon as it is completed.

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Kenya & Tanzania Staff

International Team

Hydrating Humanity currently employs about 19 full-time indigenous workers in Kenya and Tanzania including Water Technicians, Social Workers and Hygiene Teachers who are trained and certified to teach WASH principles to local people in villages, churches and schools.

Pat Selvey

International Director

Pat Selvey, business owner, husband and father of 3 actually began his life on the great continent of Africa. Born in Eritrea, formerly Ethiopia, Pat has Africa in his blood and is very much at home there connecting with the culture in meaningful ways. Pat successfully trained our capable staff of indigenous workers at a local village level – Water Technicians, Social Workers and Hygiene Teachers. Pat and his wife Grace currently live in Kenya where they have created strategic alliances with government departments and with government officials in the Ministries of Water, Health, Education and Labor in both Kenya and Tanzania.

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Grace Selvey

Office Manager/Field Trainer

Grace Selvey, mother of 3, the better half of Pat Selvey and inspiration to us all. Grace grew up on the mission field and now lives in Kenya with Pat. Grace has been responsible for the development of our hygiene curriculum and training of the HH social workers. Grace is also the pleasant voice on most thank you phone calls and the sweetness behind the office emails you receive! She also helps with accounting and office admin. Grace is definitely the local favorite with all the mamas and kids.

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Michael Clinton, Sr

Advocacy Director

Michael Clinton, Sr., husband, father, community leader, entrepreneur and humanitarian advocate. Michael has work in both the nonprofit and for-profit sector for over 20 years. What started as an initiative to provide financial support to help build wells, developed into greater passion and an opportunity to join the HH team. Michael’s first trip to Africa instilled a treasured awareness of the issues and an appreciation for the integrity and authentic dedication of the HH organization. Michael’s compassion and heart for helping others has propelled him into a concentrated determination to help eradicate water-borne disease.

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Josh Young

Program Director

Josh Young, husband, father of 5 and humanitarian advocate. Josh’s work in Africa started in 2007 with Matt and Pat. Prior to the non-profit sector, business experience revolved around real estate endeavors, both as an investor and development of family agency. Josh also had a stint in the commodity world, selling steel and developing a multi-state territory in the mid-west. Now, after countless challenges, large and small victories, the dreams have never been bigger, the hope for change never brighter.

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Matt Peterson


Matt Peterson, husband, father, author, church leader and humanitarian advocate. Matt got involved in the water crisis in 2004. He started a charity organization from the ground up, after an experience in Tanzania with a Masai boy who asked him for water. Before forming the Hydrating Humanity Team, Matt’s work for the U.S. Government took him to the developing world where he gained invaluable insight into issues developing nations face. Matt’s pioneering spirit has led the way to helping thousands and thousands of East Africans gain access to clean, safe water and hygiene education.

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Such an Incredible Mission

"The massive impact that Hydrating Humanity is having in the earth right now could never be fully measured until we are in eternity. They are changing history and saving lives everyday. We are so honored to be able to partner with such an incredible mission and we are committed to the vision of everyone on this earth having access to clean water.”

Jonathan and Melissa Helser - International Christian Music Artist

Making a Difference

"I’ve personally known the key people involved in this project for over a decade. Their work is making a difference and I support their efforts whole-heartedly!”

John Mark McMillan - International Christian Music Artist

This is a great ministry!

"Hundreds of schools are now teaching hygiene education which could eliminate waterborne diseases associated with dirty water. This is a great ministry!”

Ricky Skaggs - 14-time Grammy Winning Musician & Artist

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