“Hydrating Humanity is not only helping the people of East Africa get fresh drinking wa-ter, but they are also educating the poor in the area of good hygiene. Hundreds of schools are now teaching hygiene education which could eliminate wa-terborne diseases associated with dirty water. Also the life changing Gospel of Jesus Christ is being presented not just in word but in deed. This is a great ministry!”


Ricky Skaggs

14-time Grammy Winning Musician & Artist

The Helsers

“The massive impact that Hydrating Humanity is having in the earth right now could never be fully measured until we are in eternity. They are changing history and saving lives everyday. We are so honored to be able to partner with such an incredible mission and we are committed to the vision of everyone on this earth having access to clean water.” Jonathan and Melissa Helser


Johnathan and Melissa Helser

International Christian Music Artists


Hydrating Humanity is literally saving lives and preventing conflict by helping people in developing nations tap into resources that are often simply out of reach. I’ve person-ally known the key people involved in this project for over a decade. Their work is mak-ing a difference and I support their efforts whole-heartedly!”


John Mark McMillan

International Christian Music Artist