“I will guide them to springs of water.” This morning I stumbled across these words, written around 2,700 years ago. The words are from the pen of an ancient sage as he captures what God is saying to him.

To be led to water and to not thirst has been a cry and desire of people from the beginning of time, and these few words describe God’s desire for people to find water. The earth flows with water on its surface in many places, but oftentimes it is hidden underground and needs to be located and brought up. Beneath the feet of nearly everyone on the planet is clean water – it just needs to be accessed. It is our unique opportunity to use skill and equipment to access the ancient underground rivers and bring water up from the depths for thirsty people to drink.

Over the past 14 years, Hydrating Humanity has been developing “springs of water” and enabling people to quench their thirst. It’s incredible to consider that we have the ability to give water away to another person, or hundreds of people, or even thousands at a time by supporting people with the skill to do something we can’t by ourselves. Giving a few dollars monthly to those who are skilled to access water, turns into springs of water for many.