I believe within every person lies an innate desire to make a positive difference in this world. Although some have been calloused by circumstance(s) or trauma, it doesn’t change the DNA of being a giver, it might only cover it up. The happiest people on the planet are those that in some shape or form are helping others.

Helping people access clean water, the most basic element to life, has always been the spearhead to then build relationships and see every aspect of life improve and change for the better. Children are the most negatively impacted by dirty water and so the most positively impacted when they have clean water to drink. Helping provide clean water saves lives and has a ripple effect far beyond the water itself. Kids stay in school, are healthy enough to study, and be productive.

It is always amazing to see people participate with Hydrating Humanity in bringing clean water to a community that has never had it in their history. As happy and thankful the community are to receive it, the person who has helped make it possible is equally thankful to have been a part of it.

This is especially true for those that have traveled with Hydrating Humanity to East Africa and been with our team and interacted with the wonderful people we are helping. The intention is always good, to go make a positive difference. What happens though is fascinating; without fail people come back more impacted than they thought possible. They went over to “change” something for the better and yet were changed.

Hydrating Humanity, our team, and the people that make it possible to give water but we truly do receive something far more in return. It is a privilege to serve, to be a part of something bigger than yourself. Come see for yourself how changing the world changes you.

Joshua Young
Program Director of Hydrating Humanity