Give Monthly To ONE Tribe
ONE Tribe is a community of people giving monthly to sponsor safe clean water projects. 100% funds water projects, ongoing maintanence & hygiene education programs.
Your $25 monthly donation can give 300 people clean water every year. Some give more, some less. Everything makes a difference.

One Tribe members can join for as little as $25 per month.

Because of the generous donations of One Tribe members, lives are being saved in East Africa
The One Tribe community has sponsored 40 clean water projects to date. It is amazing what happens when people across the globe come together. Check out our latest One Tribe Well!


Country: Tanzania

Village: Keborati

GPS Coordinates: S01.31794 E034.62714



Country: Tanzania

Village: Gwitare

GPS Coordinates: S01.37485 E034.60265



Country: Tanzania

Village: Nymaraga

GPS Coordinates: S01.37598 E034.60800



Country: Tanzania

Village: Nymaraga

GPS Coordinates: S01.26635 E034.45766



Country: Tanzania

Village: Nyamihuto

GPS Coordinates: S01.31020 E034.45290



Country: Tanzania

Village: Rotierii

GPS Coordinates: S01.33080 E034.51540


Country: Tanzania

Village: Masurura

GPS Coordinates: S01.31654 E034.51336

Thousands of people everyday access clean water for the first time. Thanks to One Tribe members.