Report From The Field
By Pat Selvey

Many warned of a worst-case scenario headed for Africa concerning all things COVID-19 related. Possessing a less-developed health system than required to fight this pandemic, the local governments are doing what they can. Kenya’s borders are completely closed. There is a mandatory curfew from 6:00 PM to 6:00 AM (dusk to dawn) with restricted movement in and out of major cities like Nairobi and Mombasa enforced by roadblocks on every road leading in or out. Additionally, all businesses are required to close by 5:00 PM allowing employees time to get home before curfew. Lastly, face masks must be worn at all times by everyone venturing outside of their residence. It seems to be working—cases remain low—and that’s good news.

There’s more good news. Hydrating Humanity’s four water crews are still working every day, hand digging traditional wells, hammer drilling into deep aquifers, protecting village springs, and installing water catchment systems. Our Social Workers are appreciated now more than ever for their extensive knowledge of personal hygiene, including new techniques for blocking disease pathways.

It’s easy to forget to reach out to the poor with so many routines being stripped away—including the loss of jobs for many. Some of you have not been able to give recently as your personal finances were impacted without warning. We understand and hope you will consider dropping us a line and reminding us of your interest and support for what we are doing—even if you cannot contribute monetarily. It means a lot to us when we hear from you. Likewise, if your personal income has not been severely impacted by the current pandemic, would you please consider a special gift this month to help us get past this season of lower-income we are experiencing? Our staff in both Kenya and Tanzania are eager to keep going as water is life!

Patrick Selvey
International Director