A Story of a Village Transformed

A Story of a Village Transformed

One village we helped had mysteriously come down with an illness resulting in weight loss, chronic sickliness, lack of energy and weakened immune system. It affected everyone, young an old alike. Our Social Workers were stumped. When asked, the entire village complained, “We know we will all die soon from this sickness because everyone knows there is no cure for AIDS.”

Our Social Workers did some research and found these villagers who were living on the outskirts of Kisii, Kenya had all the symptoms of a waterborne worm. Once ingested, these tiny worms take up residence and multiply and steal nutrition from their host. Blog Image 5The unsuspecting victim unknowingly swallowed them after collecting worm-infested water from a nearby un-protected spring.
Our Social Workers spent about a week teaching our hygiene curriculum to everyone who would listen.

Soon after, we scheduled our Water Technicians to work with local volunteers teaching them how to protect their raw spring transforming it into a safe clean Artesian Spring Well. Our Social Workers watched those dear souls recover in a matter of days. Everyone in the village recovered! Can you imagine what it must have been like to go from believing you will soon die from AIDS to learning your sickness is completely treatable and preventable.  I am so fortunate to participate in the glory of saving lives and giving HOPE to villages like this one.


Pat Selvey

Hydrating Humanity International Director




Josh Young


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