My Kingdom For A Spring

My Kingdom For A Spring

James Maroa, our Supply Manager recently answered his cell phone being completely surprised by a woman shouting, “You must help us!” She went on to explain, “The pump for our village well is broken.” James visited the well the following day where he found a shattered pipe near the pump cylinder and a broken spring inside the pump cylinder. The pipe repair was easy but the spring was not. It had to be ordered from the UK.…so after repairing the cracked pipe James explained why he would be delayed in completing the repair for at least two weeks. There were over 50 women with buckets gathered around him all expecting, hoping to get water. James was deeply moved and he offered to rummage through a small parts box back at the office for the spring but he was doubtful. The women were ecstatic with hope just because James was trying, and their faith was so inspiring that even though it was getting dark James pressed on towards the office to see what he could find.

After rummaging he found what he later confessed he didn’t have faith for…the lone spring…just the one…that would bring back the much coveted water. The village was in the middle of what was classified as a severe drought. Even though it was already dark James saw this as a God moment as he rushed back to the well. There were now over 100 Mama’s gathered complete with empty buckets and hopeful hearts to see if the well would once again offer life.
By the light of his motorcycle headlamp James finished repairing the pump cylinder and carefully lowered the assembly deep down into the well. After testing the pump he turned around to a crowd which was now cheering! He celebrated with them as they all filled their buckets with safe clean drinking water. He later remarked it was one the most rewarding experiences he had ever known.




Josh Young

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