Prepare to be inspired!

Prepare to be inspired!

“Who knew that having so much fun and a little planning could result in such life changing events for so many.” 

-Amy Willcut (HH Advocate)

Amy Willcut and her family are working on sponsoring their 5th clean water project in East Africa. We had a chance to catch up with Amy to find out what has inspired her and how they have been able to inspire others and raise funds to impact thousands of people.

Virgil and Riley Willcut in Kenya

Amy’s husband Virgil and daughter Riley meeting some local people that get water everyday from one of the projects they sponsored.

Q: How did you first hear of Hydrating Humanity and what made you want to jump in and help?

Amy: I first heard about Hydrating Humanity through Josh Young (Program Director) back in 2009 or so. Hearing about the work, the impact, is when I caught the FEVER. But it wasn’t until my daughter Riley told me she wanted to “give back” or volunteer somewhere for a good cause that we started actively fundraising for Hydrating Humanity.

Q: To sponsor an Artesian Spring Well project is a pretty big investment, how did you go about raising funds for one project much less working on your 5th?!

Amy: It was my daughter Riley and I that initially decided to host backyard summer kid camps. Being blessed with a pool and big back yard we had the amenities and space.  And boy did these backyard kid camps take off! Both moms and kids LOVED them. We quickly found out that people will pay a lot of money for quality kid care! 🙂 These backyard summer camps have helped fund almost 5 wells. I’ve also hosted dinners, cocktail parties, art demos…all kinds of fun get togethers to raise funds.


Amy with some of her campers

Q: I love that you started a community kid camp that ends up helping other kids a world away get clean water. Parties are fun too! You realize you’ve raised over $16,000 so far, don’t you?

Amy: Who knew that having so much fun and a little planning could result in such life changing events for so many. Having these camps have been a blast not only for the campers but also for my children and me. We get to witness so much fun, love and friendships being made right here….literally in our own backyard! How could that NOT impact you and make you feel good?!  And while I know these wells that we are funding are saving hundreds of lives in Africa, etc. it is the witnessing and experiencing of so much love and laughter RIGHT HERE that inspires me the very most.

Q: Well, you have been an inspiration to us and so many. Thank you for your heart to make a difference! You have definitely leveraged your influence which has saved lives and will continue to impact thousands of people for many years to come.

Amy: I am so very grateful and I thank God for all the resources and opportunities to help contribute to Hydrating Humanity because it has helped and BLESSED ME in countless ways. Robert Ingersoll is correct when he says we rise by lifting others.  Thank you Hydrating Humanity for all the lives you’ve touched, including my own.



Lucas Willcut, camp counselor extraordinaire with Virgil and showing off a commemorative book for project #3.


To see or give towards the Willcut Family & Friends #5 project, you can go to:


To start a fundraiser and have your own platform sign up at:




Riley at her Spring Well

Riley Willcut at the source she helped sponsor.

 To sponsor an Artesian Spring Well is $3,500. Please contact or donate directly on the website and someone will be in touch with you!


Josh Young

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